Dialect Survey!!

Is “spigot” a synonym for “faucet,” or not?

I like all the replies to this so far, because the indoor/outdoor connotation is one I subconsciously absorbed from childhood and never thought to articulate until today!

This is one of those words I’ve only ever heard from family, that I don’t remember having seen written before.

Anyway, I used it today with my wife and she asked what it meant, and next thing you know I’m looking at Wiktionary.

Their definition suggests it’s a limited regional dialect, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

@vy Not!

A spigot is an outdoor tap fixture specfically, where a faucet is one that doesn't connect a hose (and is over a sink)

@aredridel @vy
And here I thought that spigots only connected to kegs of beer.

@vy is? There is no universal. I grew up on the East Coast of the US and spigot was the name for the outside water tap and faucet was the inside water tap

But they're functionally the same thing so using them interchangeably would be fine.

@vy oof, that's actually a complicated question

broadly, I'd say yes, I think, but there's also a difference in my head that I've never articulated before. I guess I'd call a valved tap on a bucket a spigot but not a faucet, while an indoor water valve above a sink would be either a faucet or a spigot. "faucet" I guess usually also implies a more refined and visually pleasing element than "spigot" does.

@vy spigot is outside, faucet is inside

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