Why are people suddenly expecting websites to work without javascript?

It strikes me as a convenient mental stand-in to avoid thinking about real problems and mitigations. The web’s problems nowadays are complex and subtle, and vilifying javascript is a blunt instrument to try and “fix” them with.

(Side note: The headline question is rhetorical. I’m not inviting discussion in this thread. If you don’t follow me, don’t @ me, k?)

Javascript has been a core foundational web tool for at least the last fifteen years.

If you have a static site, *requiring* javascript is probably a code smell. Like naming your variables poorly, or using ‘!important’ in your css.

If you have a static site, making it work without javascript and work *better* with it is definitely a good thing to do. But if doing that is a barrier to putting your creative works into the world, then I say it’s not a concern.

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If people spent more time fixing actual issues with the web instead of crying about JS, we'd all have much more time to dedicate to shitposts and code that actually matters.

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