Someone: “It’s too expensive to be vegetarian and get enough protein”

Can of black beans: *costs 85¢*

omg and then the "but i want something with flavor" acting like its impossible to salt and pepper some beans

@vy I blame this on the common knowledge that “protein” means “meat”

I would not be surprised if beef councils were at fault

@lachesis @vy there's also misconceptions about just how much protein you actually need

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@lachesis @vy marketing=yuck

IDK if I already ranted about this but the way MasterChef Australia handles vegan food vs MasterChef USA has always been a sore spot for me.

Australia challenged contestants to make a vegan feast for roughneck meat lovers. USA did a comedy YouTube clip where Gordon Ramsay cheated to beat a real vegan cook in a mini showdown.

We're addicted to garbage TV. :(

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@vy honestly, it's not that hard to cook vegetarian (vegan can be a different story), a little spice goes a long way. I just wish I didn't have a carnetine deficiency...

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