if you have a mastodon setup that *doesn’t* use docker, do you have to take it down while you recompile assets, etc.??

@vy no, I don't take the Mastodon daemons down while the recompile assets is going on

though this is dependent on how much RAM you have, if you run out of RAM running the precompile, it is best to stop Mastodon before running it

@staticsafe Okay. I was wondering, because I’ve heard people casually referring to how long their servers are going to be down for an upgrade, and I’m always like,

it takes like five seconds to up the new containers??

Anyway if this isn’t specific to docker/non-docker, I feel like it should be stated more explicitly in the docs.

@vy Yes, because of the RAM issue. The recompile crashes if the server is up. Luckily, recompiling only takes a few minutes.

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