You want button?
You want fucking button?

c o ö r d i n a t e s

Every time @cassdoodles hums the Smash Ultimate song it instantly gets stuck in my head—and then quickly segues into the Magnum PI theme song.

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The National Weather Service thinks it’s 79% cloud cover and snowing currently. In fact, the sky is completely clear.

This is my closest attempt at getting a readable close-up of the nested circuit board. It looks like the Z-wave controller. The main chip there is labeled “ZW0301 / G1651KS,” and is no more than 5mm across.

Just accidentally pulled this out of my apartment door. Apparently this is the thing what makes it talk to the interwebs? Psh, it would be a shame if this found its way into the microwave oven :blobcatgiggle:

I know that in the end, swapping control and delete keys on my keyboard will be a good thing, but damn it's sure hard to adjust.

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