Tfw you drink a nice cup of tea halfway down and then discover a small clod of dishwasher muck clinging to the side

Ahh. Looks like Optum Bank is telling me they're susceptible to SQL injection attacks.

This map has a very tenuous grasp of reality.

1. It lists Interstate 80 where State St. is (!!)
2. It prefixes many of the street names with a directional, which makes absolutely no sense.
3. It calls 3rd East “300 South” which,, howww,,,,

• New computer this week
• New stickers today (from @BestGirlGrace omg!!)

You know what that means—
It’s placement time :blobuwu:

I just finished up setting up longer poll limits for my instance. It still has a few odd edge cases, but if you're interested you can check it out here ( and apply it to your own instance!

(Or, you know, bug your admin :meowthinksmart: )

I’m not super jazzed on the music *inside* this playlist, but DAMN if that ain’t a fine cover 🤯

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Okay, this artist is amazing. Their name is Jerobeam Fenderson, and they make music that, when fed into an oscilloscope, draws its own imagery

You’ve really got to see it—further description on the video. Use caution if you’re wearing headphones 😅

If I'm reading this schematic correctly, it looks like the Pi A is 8.5mm thick---or, at least, its header pins are that long (and I'm keen to trim those off entirely).

That sky just bein’ out there all the time, looking all sorts of beautiful

Firefox sure is working hard to alienate its userbase recently, aren't they?

These apple-music-provided lyrics could hardly be more wrong if they’d tried 🤨

Back in reality, “So Easy” samples the *literal audio* from a 1960s Bobby Vinton song, which goes “Blue on blue / Heartache on heartache / Blue on blue / Now that we are through.”

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